Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Native/Species Collection

For those of you who prefer native (non-hybridized) plants, you may wish to consider our Native Collection:

Choose 3 varieties for $18, 6 for $35

H. Citrina - no photo:  this variety is a tall (34"), yellow flower that is very fragrant!

H. Hakuensis - no photo: this one is a late/very late blooming variety, 26 " tall, with an orange/yellow flower

H. Lilioasphodelus - "Lemon Lily" is an early & long blooming variety, also very fragrant.  Ht - 26"

H. Minor - another very early blooming yellow variety; Ht -30"

H. ssp Korean - early and long blooming, a favorite!
Ht - 26

H. Middendorfi - Pale orange, early blooming, ht- 18"

H. fulva Rosea - dusty rose pink, very pretty, ht - 36"


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