Saturday, May 5, 2018

It's Finally Spring!

It's finally Spring, and we're hoping to be able to dig orders by the first week in June.   We are also extending the 10% discount on orders from the 2018 price list to May 31st.   The Buy One Get One Free Listing will be offered through June 30th.  Place your order by emailing or calling.

Just a reminder, we are located in Holyoke, MN.  The Duluth address is for mailing purposes only

Happy Gardening!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Daylily Photos N-Z

Naomi Ruth

Newberry Blue Eyes

Newberry Echo

Night Beacon

Nordic Night

Numinous Moments

Ocean Rain

Open Hearth

Orchid Corsage

Ornate Ruffles

Over There
Painted Pink

Painter's Splash

Pandora's Box

Paradise Prince

Pardon Me


Peaches "n" Cream

Peanut Butter Frenzy

Pearl Lewis

Penny's Worth

Pink Puff

Pink Tangerine

Platinum Plus

Prague Spring

Prairie Blue Eyes

Precious Love

Preppy Pink

Pretty in Beige

Pure and Simple

Purple Arachne

Purple de Oro

Purple Rain

Purple Splash
Rainbow Candy


Raspberry Bouquet

Real Wind


Rocket City

Rooten Tooten Red

Rose Emily

Rosy Returns

Royal Palace Prince

Ruby Spider

Ruby Stella

Ruffled Showoff

Russian Easter

Sandra Elizabeth

Scottish Fantasy

Second Thoughts

Siloam Bo Peep

Siloam Cinderella

Siloam David Kirchoff

Siloam Ethel Smith

Siloam June Bug

Siloam Little Fairy

Siloam Merle Kent

Siloam New Toy

Siloam Pink Petite

Siloam Pocket Size

Siloam Rainbow Magic

Siloam Red Ruby

Siloam Red Toy

Siloam Royal Prince

Siloam Shocker

Siloam Show Girl

Siloam Tee Tiny

Siloam Ury Winiford

Siloam Virginia Henson

Smith Brothers

So Lovely

Solar Power

South Seas

Soverign Queen

Spanish Harlem

Spider Miracle
Standing Rock

Starlight Serenede

Stella d'Oro

Strawberry Candy

Strutter's Ball

Sunshine on Clouds

Sweet Butter Cream

Swirling Water

Tetrina's Daughter

Thankful Heart


Tide Line

Toy Time


Tuscawilla Tigress

Vera Biaglow

Viking Prince



Wayside King Royale

Wayside Painted Lady

Wild Berries "n" Cream

Will Return

Wine Delight

Wineberry Candy

Woodside Amethyst

Woodside Fire Dance