Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2017 Photos I-O

Imperial Gold

Indian Giver

Iridescent Jewell

Ivy Pink

James Marsh

Jersey Girl

Jersey Spider


Jo Barbre

Jolyene Nicole

Karen Sue

Kindly Light

Lake Norman Spider

Leebea Orange Crush

Lemon Custard

Lemon Lace

Lemon Lollypop

Leprechaun's Wealth

Lightning Bug

Likie Register

Lilac Surprise

Little Grapette

Little Wine Cup

Lullaby Baby

Lynn's Delight
Margaret Seawright

Mary Todd

Mauna Loa- SOLD OUT

Mayan Poppy

Midnight Special

Mini Pearl

Miss Jessie

Miss Tinkerbell

Mokan Eighty

Moonlit Masquerade

Mystical Rainbow

Naomi Ruth

Newberry Blue Eyes

Newberry Echo

Night Beacon

Nordic Night

Numinous Moments

Ocean Rain

Ornate Ruffles

Orchid Corsage

Over There

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Act of Kindness

Addie Branch Smith

Always Afternoon-SOLD OUT

Art Gallery Fringe

Artist's Dream

Aurora Raspberry

Autumn Wood

Baby Tiger Paws

Barbara Mitchell

Bertie Ferris


Bordello Queen

Brave World


Catherine Woodbery

Charles Johnston

Cherry Cheeks

Chicago Apache

Chicago Arnie's Choice

Chicago Jewel

Chicago Maid

Chicago Royal- SOLD OUT

Chicago Ruby

Chicago Scintillation

Chicago Sugar Plum

Chicago Sunrise

Chorus Line


Country Fair Winds

Cranberry Baby

Crimson Shadows

Crystal Healing

Custard Candy

Delicate Design


Don Stevens

Double Daffy

Duke of Durham

Duke's Mixture

Early and Often

Eenie Allegro

Eggplant Ecstacy

Elegant Finale


Flamboyant Eyes - SOLD OUT

Folsom Fair

Fooled Me

Frances Joiner

Frans Hals

Golden Hibiscus

Grape Magic

Grape Velvet

H. Lilioasphodelus

H. Middendorfi

H. Minor

H. ssp Korean

H. fulva Rosea

Happy Returns

Holly Dancer

Hot Town

Hot Wheels

Hush Little Baby