Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Early Blooming Collection

Daylily week is just 4 weeks from now, and we're looking forward to share their beauty for a 6th season!

There are scapes on many of the plants right now, and some will bloom before peak time in late July.

If you'd like to extend your bloom season, consider some of these varieties. Choose 3 for $18, or 6 for $35.  Plants can also be purchased individually.

Here are a few of those early bloomers:

Bitsy - an extended bloomer!

Delicate Design

Early and Often

Elfin-our earliest bloomer!

Happy Returns

Lemon Lollypop

Little Wine Cup

Lynn's Delight

Midnight Special

Newberry Echo - very large flower!

Over There
Painted Pink

Solar Power

Sunshine on Clouds


                                   Early Blooming Collection~ 3 plants-$18, 6 plants-$35

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